CEB 571 Sports Coaching Methodology

This course is a study of the development of a theoretical base for teaching sport and sport skill with a practical application. The course includes the development of a coaching philosophy with an emphasis on ethics in coaching and establishing a successful coaching style. A review of the impact of contemporary trends and issues in coaching is included. Managerial skills common to all coaching activities will be discussed

CED 581 Adaptive Sports

This course is designed to provide the sports management professional with the knowledge and skills necessary to work with athletes who need adaptations to perform in the sport of their choice. In addition to the modifications that may be necessary when working with these special athletes, this course also points out the many commonalities that exist between disability sport and able-bodied sport, even the issue of performance enhancing drugs

CEE 525 Physical Fitness & Conditioning

This is a course designed to study the fundamental principles of training and nutrition associated with the disciplines of physical education, sport, and exercise. The course is intended to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the anatomical and physiological systems within the human body. Physical educators can use sport conditioning, strength training, and an awareness of fitness and nutrition programs in order to enhance individual and team performance in physical activities, such as sports. This knowledge should translate into the ability to design and implement various types of physical education and sport conditioning programs.