CED 556 Sports Nutrition and Ergogenic Aids

This course covers the principles of sound nutrition as they relate to the athlete as well as to the average individual in society. In addition, the course covers the physiological aspects of how nutrition affects the body in terms of overall optimal health. With the growing focus on performance enhancing drugs, this course provides a basic understanding of the variety of substances used in today’s world to enhance performance. Students will also learn how they work, if they really work, which are illegal and how they can be detected. Finally, the many ethical issues associated with the use of performance enhancing drugs will be discussed

CEM 538 Inclusive Recreational Services

This course is designed to increase awareness of, and sensitivity toward the recreation and leisure service needs of persons with disabilities. Specific attention is given to facility design geared for accommodation, as well as the programmatic and administrative strategies needed for successful and effective implementation of recreation and leisure services that seamlessly integrate persons with disabilities and persons without disabilities

CEM 543 Sports Administration

The purpose of this course is to demonstrate to the prospective sport manager the importance of a basic understanding of administrative theory and practice. The course will help the student understand the sport manager’s position and the environment in which performance occurs