CEQ 505 Competencies for Successful Equestrian Trainers

This first course discusses different competencies that make a difference for equestrian trainers, including philosophy of teaching, mentoring students, addressing safety, developing communications skills and what is expected for all lessons. Trainers will use this knowledge to develop a lesson plan for groundwork with riders of different abilities

CEQ 508 Competition Rider Development - Jumping This is Title

CEQ 506 Recreational Rider Development

CEQ 509 FEI Equestrian Team Development

This course is designed to develop the necessary competences that will enable trainers to form and successfully lead FEI teams. Topics covered include: Selecting a coach, selecting riders for the program and supporting their development, importing horses, upgrading infrastructure needs for competition, transporting horses, nutrition and the competitive horse, support therapies for the upper level horse, sponsorship, more advanced training for the grooms and support staff, etc

CEQ 507 Competition Rider Development - Dressage

This course is designed to enable trainers to articulate the general principals of the training scale and develop a lesson plan for teaching basic dressage. Trainers understand and help students develop skills required in a dressage test to be competitive. Trainers will prepare confident students that are well prepared for competitions

CEQ 501 Equine Behaviour and Human Interaction

Equines are herd animals and as such need to have other equines and humans to interact and bond with daily. The techniques to determine which equines can be pastured together vs. separately will be discussed. Also, discussed will be the identification of the horse thinking patterns and their behavior cues to humans and other equines which are essential to their welfare and success in human safety and activities