CET 541 eSports Administration for Coaches

This course is designed to introduce managerial and administrative concepts to eSports coaches. These concepts are integral to the successful development of an eSports program. Information concerning the practical application of business models and theories pertaining competitive gaming will be presented. Business techniques associated with personnel development and program growth will also be examined

CET 571 eSports Coaching Methodology

Becoming a quality coach requires the development of proficiency across a number of functional areas. Developing into a Senior/Master Coach requires a systematic integration of academic study and front-line coaching experience. This course is designed to provide that systematic process of incorporating practical eSports coaching experience with formal educational course material. Students will examine the six primary functions of a quality coach (Set the Vision, Shape the Environment, Build Relationships, Conduct Practices and Structure Competition, Read & React to the Field, and Learn & Reflect) from the perspective of their specific eSports context (game title, developmental level of athletes, structural and social supports). Students will develop their personal Envision (Plan), Enact (Implement), Evaluate (Review), and Enhance

CET 568 Psychology for eSports

This course focuses on the study of human behaviour in eSports settings. It is designed to provide the coach with information about research in the field of sport psychology as well as practical knowledge that can be applied to the competitive gaming context. Sport psychology provides us with the knowledge to bridge the gap between research and practice that can help coaches have a positive effect on their athlete’s performance and well-being

CET 574 eSports Athlete Development

This course provides coaches with an overview of the stages of athlete development and how best to work with athletes to facilitate their continued development in eSports. Athlete physical, mental, and emotional well-being will be examined

CET 570 eSports: A Global Phenomenon

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Global Association of International Sports Federation (GAISF) have created the eSports Liaison Group to further the communication and collaboration between the Olympic Movement and esports and gaming stakeholders. The inclusion of eSports in the Southeast Asian Games is evidence of the growing engagement between eSports and traditional sports. This course is designed to introduce coaches to the concept of eSports, the unique elements of competitive gaming, and the variety of roles coaches and eSports management professionals can play in the fast-growing industry

CET 583 eSports Facilities and Event Management

This course studies the principles involved in planning, marketing, producing, and evaluating eSports events and facilities. Design and operations of both practice and competition venues will be explored