CEM 487 Introduction to Sports Security Management

This course examines the concepts, principles, and methods of organizing and administering security management and loss-prevention activities in industry, business, government, and sport venues. Emphasis is on protection of assets, personnel, and facilities

CEM 584 Sports Facility Operations and Management

This course reviews the requirements and procedures necessary for the operation and maintenance of sports facilities. Topics include designing and planning operation and maintenance programs, controlling the flow of work, determining staffing levels and work force composition, estimating and managing consumable and non-consumable supplies, inventory, spare parts, capital equipment expenditures and budgeting

CEM 581 Sport Turf Management

As grass playing fields require special care, the focus of this course is on the development and maintenance of turf surfaces (including golf courses). Recommendations for planning, constructing, and carrying out routine and preventive maintenance are also examined. Turf management is also the study of the different types of grass and the unique seeding procedures used for the different types of playing fields. Vital to the maintenance of effective turf management is a working knowledge of pest control

CEM 586 Event and Risk Management

This course is designed to provide students with an overview of the event management process and to heighten awareness of the many pieces that go into managing events in various sport settings. Particular emphasis is placed upon current trends managing events including support personnel, social media, publicity, protocol, operations, and internal security and communication

CEM 582 Sports Facilities

This course involves the study of the principles, guidelines, and recommendations for planning, constructing, and using indoor and outdoor sports and recreation facilities. Facility design and equipment specification will be addressed so that those individuals responsible for facilities will have a better understanding of how they are planned and constructed

CEM 589 Aquatic Facility Maintenance

This course focuses on daily and long-term procedures necessary to keep public swimming facilities safe, functional, and attractive to patrons. Emphasis is placed on the mechanics of filtration and the chemistry involved in water sanitization. The course content will help the operator understand the demands on a dynamic system of water movement, environmental conditions, and bather use