CEB 373 Scientific Principles of Human Performance

In order to optimize performances, guarantee safety and promote well-being in athletes, coaches must constantly update and modify their coaching practices by regularly seeking out new knowledge in the sport sciences. This course is designed to teach coaches to be active consumers and appliers of scientific information.

CEB 566 Psychological Aspects of Health and Fitness Programming

This course is a study of the psychological and sociological aspects of health and fitness programming and the applications of this knowledge to the development of effective motivational and behavioral modification strategies.

CED 520 Sports First Aid

A coach’s guide to preventing, responding to and managing sports injuries. Being a successful coach requires knowing more than just the “X’s” and “O’s” of the sport; a coach must also fulfill the role of “first responder” for his or her athletes.

CED 556 Sports Nutrition and Ergogenic Aids

This course covers the principles of sound nutrition as they relate to the athlete as well as to the average individual in society. In addition, the course covers the physiological aspects of how nutrition affects the body in terms of overall optimal health. With the growing focus on performance enhancing drugs, this course provides a basic understanding of the variety of substances used in today’s world to enhance performance. Students will also learn how they work, if they really work, which are illegal and how they can be detected. Finally, the many ethical issues associated with the use of performance enhancing drugs will be discussed.

CEE 521 Principles of Fitness and Health

The importance of physical activity in the enhancement of performance, quality of live and prevention of disease is examined. The course examines the principles of physical activity as they relate to both athletes and non- athletes. Also presented are the physiological aspects of physical activity and how these affect the body in terms of overall health.

CEE 568 Psychology of Physical Performance

This course involves the study of human psychological behavior and its influence in sport and exercise settings, including physical education environments. It is designed to provide the student with the information gleaned from research in the field of sport and exercise psychology as well as practical knowledge to become a more effective physical education teacher, athletic coach, fitness instructor or athlete.

CEE 525 Physical Fitness and Conditioning

This is a course designed to study the fundamental principles of training and nutrition associated with the disciplines of physical education, sport, and exercise. The course is intended to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the anatomical and physiological systems within the human body. Physical educators can use sport conditioning, strength training, and an awareness of fitness and nutrition programs in order to enhance individual and team performance in physical activities, such as sports. This knowledge should translate into the ability to design and implement various types of physical education and sport conditioning programs.

CER 505 Human Anatomy and Physiology

This course is a study of the structure and function of the various systems of the human body.

CER 511 Sport Performance Enhancement

The course is designed for sport coaches to study human movement as it relates to sports activities. Coaching techniques and methodology are addressed to analyze skills and improve sport performance.

CER 526 Personal Training

This course will combine sport science and entrepreneurial