CEM 367 Olympic Culture

This is a seminar course which examines the history, the basis, the culture, and the structure of Olympics and the Olympic movement as both a genesis and a product of the history of sport in the human condition. The connection between sport as a human activity and its relationship to other human activities will be surveyed and evaluated

CEM 584 Sports Facility Operations and Maintenance

This course reviews the requirements and procedures necessary for the operation and maintenance of sports facilities. Topics include designing and planning operation and maintenance programs, controlling the flow of work, determining staffing levels and work force composition, estimating and managing consumable and non-consumable supplies, inventory, spare parts, capital equipment expenditures and budgeting

CEM 542 Sports Business and Personnel Management

This course is intended to introduce the principles and practices of the business and management of international sport. Sport has become an important vehicle of the international exchange process. Without education in the global context of sport, administrators may miss opportunities due to lack of understanding regarding international politics, cultures, law, monetary policies, and foreign competition

CEM 586 Sports Event and Risk Management

This course is designed to provide students with an overview of the event management process and to heighten awareness of the many pieces that go into managing events in various sport settings. Particular emphasis is placed upon current trends managing events including support personnel, social media, publicity, protocol, operations, and internal security and communication

CEM 543 Sports Administration

This course involves the study of the principles of personnel management including staffing, training, creation of a favorable work environment, labor relations, compensation, benefits, las, position descriptions and employee evaluations

CSM 587 Introduction to Sports Security Management

CEM 544 Sports Marketing

The purpose of this course is to demonstrate to the prospective sport manager the importance of a basic understanding of administrative theory and practice. The course will help the student understand the sport manager’s position and the environment in which performance occurs

CEB 571 Sports Coaching Methodology

This course is a study of the development of a theoretical base for teaching sport and sport skill with a practical application. The course includes the development of a coaching philosophy with an emphasis on ethics in coaching and establishing a successful coaching style. A review of the impact of contemporary trends and issues in coaching is included. Managerial skills common to all coaching activities will be discussed

CEM 551 Sports Public Relations

This course is a study of the nature, content and application of public relations in sport programs related to schools, colleges, universities, associations, organizations and sport fitness centers

CPT 598 Mentorship

CEM 583 Sports Facilities and Event Management